Be gone, Wallaby!

You're not Charles Barkley. You're just a wallaby who looks like him! Be gone, Wallaby! Be gone!

Topi-cool: Jimmy Gets Paranoid

Former President Jimmy Carter says the government is spying on him, which is kind of cool because now we all have something in common with Jimmy Carter.

Not Punny: Jim Irsay Arrested

The news reported that the Colts owner was arrested last night with a DWI, but it might just be Irsay. 

Because Irsay sounds like hearsay…


…Ba Boom Ching

Keep looking at the flowers, Abduction.

Keep looking at the flowers, Abduction.

Topi-cool: 5 Second Rule Validated!

A new study suggests the 5 Second Rule may be real and that you CAN eat food that has fallen on the floor. The findings are great news for people with very little self respect.

Topi-cool: The Show Must Twerk On

At a recent concert, Miley Cyrus missed a costume change and was forced to perform in her underwear.

At least that’s what Billy Ray keeps telling himself. #HangInThereBilly